Turtle watching in Rekawa

Patience is the key to witnessing the nesting & hatching of the world’s most sought after sea turtles in Rekawa. The Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery and the Rekawa Turtle Sanctuary are amongst the sites one can enjoy some turtle watching and get to know more about their conservation too. The peak period for Turtle nesting is considered from March to July.

Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya

For those looking for an exotic beach destination to kite surf, then Kalpitiya is definitely the ideal location. Situated in the North West Coast of Sri Lanka the waters of the Kalpitiya lagoon offer an idyllic spot for both beginners as well as free styles which make Kalpitiya a kite surfing heaven.

Elephant Gathering in Minneriya

The elephant gathering is considered to be the largest assembly of Asian elephants at one time. During the dry season which is at its peak in September over 150 to 200 elephants gather each evening near the banks of the Minneriya tank to drink water and graze on the surrounding foliage, as other areas are severely affected by the droughts. Come witness a true wild life event on the banks of the Minneriya reservoir.